Customer analysis case study

      Part 1
The client happens to be one Stephen Daniels. His interest in manufacturing has granted him an opportunity to be among one of the well-known manufacturers. Apart from manufacturing, the retail sector has also proven to be doing well for him especially considering the growing number of his customers. His knowledge in chemical engineering, as well as his qualification papers, prove him to be the best in what he does.
Stephen Daniels specializes in manufacturing liquid soap which has been experiencing growing demand in the current market. He is able to manufacture the soap which is then packaged in 2 litres, 3.5 litres, and 5 litres containers after which he supplies to retailers. He is able to know all the required material for his business and access the raw material at a cheaper price from his suppliers. Daniel sells his products to many clients. His target population is large and comprises individuals in almost all demographic classifications. The soap can be sold to the old, middle-aged or even the young. The product is preferred by many due to some of its differentiation. Liquid soap is good due to hygienic purposes since it can be shared without contamination. The different scents or flavors associated with Stephen’s products also makes it stand out. He uses different marketing platforms to promote his products and that has also enabled the business to grow drastically. Technology is also one of the inputs he highly considers.
Just like other products and businesses, he also experiences some weaknesses or challenges. One of the weaknesses established is that it is hard to convince customers who have been used to bar soaps to start using liquid soap. Some of the products are also perishable, therefore cannot last long while in stock. Another potential weakness is high competition from other similar growing companies.
         Part 2
Cue: Good morning everyone and welcome to the breakfast show, the best show that covers both regional and international news, only on DKM radio. Today we are looking into one of the young and successful entrepreneurs in the region, Mr. Stephen Daniels. Let us first get some music from our radio Dj.
Dj: <Plays some music>
Cue: Growing up, Stephen Daniels did not know that he would be the CEO of a successful company that manufactures soap. At only 25, he has been able to read the market and know how to attract customers from different regions. His general knowledge and specialties have highly contributed to his ability to promote his business, even though he experiences some challenges. Looking at the case of Stephen Daniels, it is easy to learn from him the right measures to incorporate in business processes. His biggest motivation, as described by him, is to ensure that each day he does something better compared to the previous day. He is always working towards improvement.
Break: 3-minute commercial break
Cue: Welcome back dear listeners. Stephen Daniels believes that improvement to his welfare will also lead to an improvement in the welfare of many others. He looks forward at being a good role model for many young individuals who feel like they have the potential to do something right. Despite the many challenges he is facing, he has adapted the mechanism of learning from his mistakes. He does not take anything for granted and instead of complaining of things, he chooses to learn from them. His soap manufacturing business has made him an icon in the society. Thank you, listeners, and have a nice day.
End of segment: The Dj plays music.

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