Data Management Plan for MSc DaSCH students

Data Management Plan
for MSc DaSCH students


1.    What data will you collect/create and how will it be obtained?

Describe the data that you are collecting or creating in your project. Relevant information to provide includes:

  • The type of information that will be contained. E.g. MRI scans, interview transcripts, spatial data, etc.
  • Methods of capture. E.g. face-to-face interview, web survey, etc.
  • Amount of data. E.g. 500 people will be interviewed.

2.    What data formats and software tools will you use to store your data?

Outline the data formats, encoding standards, or software tools that you will use to create, analyse, or use data. E.g. data will be captured using a MySQL database and analysed using STATA and MS Access.


3.    What documentation or metadata is needed to understand your data?

Provide a brief overview of the documentation that will be needed to ensure your data can be understood and used by future users, including your future self.


4.    Are there any ethical or IPR related issues to address? How will these be dealt with?



5.    Where will you store data during the project lifetime?


6.    How will you organise and label your data?

Describe the approach you will take to structure and label your data. E.g. files and folders on a storage device, database tables and labels.


7.    What security measures, if any, will you apply to protect data?



8.    What data do you need to keep after your project ends and for how long?


9.    How will you ensure your data is preserved in the long-term?

Describe how the files that you use (which may be based in propertary data formats that will not be available to others) could be accessed in the future.


10.  How will other researchers learn of your data existence and gain access?



11.  What resources do you need to deliver your plan?


12.  What do you consider to be the primary data management challenges in your project?



13.  What best practice from heritage institutions could inform your data management plan (200-300 words)?

Describe any connections between your plan and the data management practices of specialised institutions (such as the departments of the British Library, Historic England and the Archaeology Data Service that you visited during the fieldtrip).


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