Design a process to build PRIZM-like segments using CDR records

•ATT is a large telecommunications company and they have really good data about phone calls globally.
•They would like to build new business services around the nice data assets that they have, similar to a data broker. One beautifully rich data set they have is Call Detail Records (CDRs). They would like to build a data broker service around this internal data. (google: call detail records).
•There are privacy restrictions around data that they can sell, but they can derive new data fields from their rich proprietary data. If averaged at a large enough geographical region (zip9, zip5, zip3?) these derived fields can be sold.
• They can also sell new fields at the customer/address/phone number level that are derived from CDR fields if the new fields are of a different nature than the CDRs.
•They see a company called Claritas and others that make a lot of money selling highly descriptive consumer segments (google: Claritas PRIZM segments).
•An ATT executive want to build such a data broker business, selling such demographic-like segments built using the CDRs. Let’s start with the U.S. only. Design a process to build PRIZM-like segments using CDR records.

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