Development of Self Discussion

“Development of Self
In this discussion, you will begin to construct a personal identity profile:
First, summarize findings from the Internet research in the study of this unit (the context of your birth).
Next, identify your birth characteristics (gender, race, ethnicity, ability, status, sexual orientation, nationality, et cetera).
Finally, incorporate the following sections from Chapter 1 of your Culture and Identity text—“Development of the Self in Context”, “Societal Influences on Development”, and “Oppression” (pages 6 and 7) into an analysis of the accuracy of fit between your birth characteristics and your birth context.
Once you have completed the work above, answer the following questions:
Did you find favorable, unfavorable, neutral, or absent images of your birth characteristics in the media (your gender, race, ethnicity, ability status, et cetera)?
How does your identity align with the Thomas and Schwarzbaum discussion of oppression?
Response Guidelines
Respond to the posts of at least two learners. Comment on differences and similarities noted in the context of birth and analysis of goodness of fit between birth characteristics and birth context.
Learning Components
This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:
Explore the historical or cultural and social factors that impact the development of personal identity.
Assess one’s ethnic identity.
Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

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