Discuss how to use data to identify the target audience’s needs. Consider what data can tell companies about how people use products, and what types of data can be useful in identifying audience needs.

Five circles with images inside to represent the Better You app’s focus on healthy lifestyles. The first image is a person’s silhouette in a yoga pose, the next shows a person sleeping, the next shows
Better You!, a small start-up widget company that develops health and fitness apps, has hired you as a communications specialist to help plan how to get the word out about the company’s new app. The owners, Zoey and Brooke, do not have much experience in communications and marketing, so the first thing they are looking for is your support with finding and evaluating data to determine who their audiences are. Since the widgets are online, there should be a wide audience, but they would like to target some specific areas as well.
Before you create your customer profile, review the BetterYou! Vision and Product Information in the “Supporting Materials” section.
Audience Targeting: First, Zoey and Brooke would like you to explain how you used data to segment and target the right audience.
Use data to choose the right target audience. Consider online audiences and specific geographic areas: Where should the company advertise its products now and in the future?
Discuss how to use data to identify the target audience’s needs. Consider what data can tell companies about how people use products, and what types of data can be useful in identifying audience needs. What is often missing from data? What strategies can companies use to gather more targeted information?
Audience Segmentation: Zoey and Brooke have also asked you to explain how audience segmentation works. This will help you inform your stakeholders about who the customer is.
Stakeholders at Better You! are interested in learning how you chose the target audience. Explain how you use audience targeting data to segment an audience. Consider key factors such as distribution, lifestyle, and demographic information.
Explain how you used data to communicate with your target audience. How did data such as audience behavior or demographics help you plan your communications?
Messaging Strategy: Finally, Zoey and Brooke would like you to discuss how you’ll create a message that meets the needs of the targeted audience. What methods will you use to make sure that the message is delivered to the right people at the right time and in the right place? Others at the company will also want to know that the money spent on advertising is being used correctly.
Discuss the best platforms to deliver the message. Inform stakeholders about your strategy for dealing with future changes in audience preferences.
Support your plan with details on how the target audience uses media. Remember to discuss the communication platforms that will engage general online audiences and audiences in a specific location.
Explain how to use key metrics to measure the success of the brand’s message. Think about how you might use key metrics to strengthen future communication and messaging strategies.
What to Submit
Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:
Customer Profile
You have been asked to create a customer profile that should be 750–1,250 words in length (or 3 to 5 pages). The profile should evaluate data to segment and target appropriate audiences for the Better You! app.
BetterYou! Vision and Product Information
The founders of Better You!, Zoey and Brooke, are two friends and former colleagues who met whilethey were working for a large tech firm. They share a passion for healthy living and decided to start acompany that combined their hobbies and passion with their knowledge of technology. They believefirmly in the power of healthy living to transform people’s lives. They also recognize that, for manypeople, the most significant barrier to living a healthier lifestyle is balancing work and family. Peopledon’t think that they have time to make healthy changes in their lifestyle. Better You! wants to changethat by creating apps that help people incorporate small changes that will have a major impact on theirhealth and happiness.
About the Product
The Better You! One Stop app helps people develop a wellness plan that is tailored to their personalfitness, diet, and social wellness goals. The app uses these goals to provide the right motivation andinformation at the right times to keep its users on the right track.
How It Works
Users take a brief, 15-question survey when they start the app. The survey data helps users identifystrategic and specific goals. From there, users receive suggestions for how they might meet their goals.
As part of the survey, users enter the amount of specific time they have each day and what a typical daylooks like for them. Users can set up notifications and use the news feed, which includes articles,recipes, and tips for meeting their goals.
In addition, the app has a calendar where users can enter their meals, exercise, mood, and otherinformation. The app provides encouragement and make specific recommendations based on theinformation people enter.

  • The app uses users’ locations to find nearby parks and recreational areas, such as hiking trails. Italso recommends fitness goals that make sense for the users’ lifestyles. For example, if a user

has young children, the app might recommend areas where the user could walk with their
children as opposed to going to a gym.

  • One function of the calendar allows users to enter their daily servings of fruit, vegetables,

protein, dairy, and sweets, as well as the amount of water they drank. The app then uses this
information to make targeted recommendations.○ For example, if a user wants to drink more water, the app can help by setting upnotifications. If they want to eat more fruits and vegetables, the app updates the newsfeed with easy, healthy recipes that use fruits and vegetables.

  • The app allows users to track their mood and will provide strategies to boost the user’s mood inthe news feed. It may also make specific recommendations for self-care techniques.

Messaging Concept
The owners have proposed the following slogan: “One Stop to a Better You!”The messaging strategy shares the company’s vision of transforming people’s lives through healthyliving. The company also wants to show that even small changes can make a big difference toward livinga healthier, more fulfilling life.

Audience Segementation

Getting the targeted audience was not so hard. It was an effort that implies revolved looking at what was trending. What was trending in this regard was as far as matters related to fitness were concerned. Thus, what happened was to look at various fitness programs across social networks and across TV channels. The one thing that came out clear was that the majority of the people who were so much inclined to issues of fitness were women. These are women who have already begun the work-life and are basically done with school(Lancaster, Massingham, and Ozuem 2018). Additionally, the audience was gotten from assessing who followed the fitness influencers on social media networks. Again women were the majority who followed the main people who do things that relate to fitness on social media accounts. Thus, what trended and influencers was how the data was broken down.
With the growth and influence that technology has brought in the world, the best place to advertise its products would be online. By online here, what I mean is through social media platforms. This is something that the company should do now as it rolls out its products to the market. It is also something that unless things change in the future, the company should not depart from it. We live in an era of globalization where everyone is connected. The people who used to do sales and marketing physically have lost their jobs because of the fact that the world is a global village and every marketer is marketing online(Lancaster, Massingham, and Ozuem 2018). This is influenced by the very fact that people have a smartphone and other gadgets that allow them to connect easily and share things. People spend more time online and are likely to see advertisements for the company.
Data can be used to identify the needs of the audience through analysis. This is can be through what the target audience does regularly for instance maybe women who fall in this category like running. This can be deciphered through monitoring what they post for instance on their social platforms as people always do whenever they do something, such as run. In essence, this is data that employs its source from the social media accounts that people and in this case women use(Medioni and Benmoyal Bouzaglo 2018). What misses from most data and especially one like this is the certainty. It will be hard to decipher if they are just posting such activities for fun or because it is what they truly want.  However, companies can develop technological centers that develop ads that appear as people use social media platforms. The ads should sell the company in such a way that the people who see them are attracted to the company, and later on, what they truly want can be known.
Audience segmentation works through the process of grouping people who have similar characteristics. It is from that group that the target audience is gotten based on what a majority of them like to engage in. For instance, women have recently been very cautious with their health and particularly weight. Thus, women in the process of audience segmentation, are the larger group of people with similar characteristics. Narrowing down to identify that it is not all women but mainly those who are done with school and are working is the other aspect of audience segmentation. It is akin to sieving something until you get what you truly want.
The target audience as stated before is women who are mostly working and are basically done with school. The only thing they do is to work, workout, and spend time with family. This audience was gotten from various data and research works that showed that women are working out more. The uphill task was to pinpoint what cadre of women are working out more. Because going to ask every woman if they work out would be a tiresome job, I used social media. Social media is the place where you will get to know about people’s lives even if you do not know them. So I chose fitness instructors and people renowned for fitness and saw that majority of the people followed such people, were in fact women who had already started families. In essence, treating social media as a lifestyle for people guided the selection process of the target audience.
I used the data I had to create small advertisements for the company’s products and various details. Before sharing such advertisements I followed on social media some few women who were doing so well in the fitness program. By doing so well here what I mean is the high number of followers they had(Stephen 2016). I then ensured that once there was that connection, I shared the advertisements and people started expressing interest in the product. The audience’s behavior was their huge presence on social media. Thus the communication strategy that I had to apply had to be one that would incorporate the use of social media. If I used another way which was diff3rnt from social media then it would all be in vain.
A message that meets the needs of the target audience has to give them something different from what they are used to. This could be telling them of the training sessions that can be done privately at home or just something that many may want. The goal is to ensure that the message is unique and nit what they are used to daily. Social media again will guide the method to ensure that it get to the right people at the right time. Again this is because people today live in social media(Stephen 2016). A person will rarely go a whole day without accessing her Twitter or Snapchat and many others. The money set aside of advertising will be used to also encourage the renowned digital marketers to help the company in advertising. These are influencers who enjoy following from people and basically shape how people behave towards products and services that are offered by companies. Thus, paying them would go a great length in helping the company get the customers.
Social media has different platforms, all of which attract many people. The best platforms to deliver the message would be on Facebook and Instagram as these two attract many people. Instagram un fact is being used by people who are advertising as compared to those who use it for purposes of social relations. In as far as the audience may change their preferences in the future, such will still be tracked using social media. Social media will provide a basis for many of the operations. This is pegged in the fact that people usually express their disgust or like towards something on social media.
The target audience uses social media every time. The kind of media that the target audience uses is social media platforms(Stephen 2016). For specific locations, social media has this well covered. There will be no need to travel in order to enhance communication. This is aided by social media as social media allows communication despite where a person may be located. Audiences in specific locations may be reached out also through the online platforms. This is because many places today have a good connection. In fact with the restrictions that come with the coronavirus, moving would not be ideal. Thus, platforms such as zoom and Skype would provide an ideal opportunity for those who are located in specific geographical locations, however, if all that fails then going to such places physically would be the best way to approach the issue of communication.
Using key metrics to assess the success of the brand’s message would involve the responses that are gotten from the audience. Ideally, people should respond to the message. This response should be positive(Taiminen and Karjaluoto 2015). If there is no response after some given time, then the company will automatically come to the conclusion that the message was not communicated effectively. Thus, as the company progresses it has to develop better ways of reaching people through the messages. It can for instance provide incentives for people who respond to such messages. People always like places where they gain and anybody will do anything so long as she sees that there can be some sort of benefit in the long run. Employing such a move would be ideal.
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