Discuss your state NP community in terms of scope of practice

Discuss your state NP community in terms of scope of practice.

Include your state’s scope of practice for NPs, including:

Example – Level of independence of practice **In California, NPs are required to practice under Standardized Procedure Guidelines. If CA is your intended practice state, please provide details on how Standardized Procedures Guidelines are developed in California and an example of a California SPG.

My intended is State of Maryland

Prescribing authority

Any limitations of practice

Process for obtaining licensure in your state

Certification and education requirements for licensure.

If you live in a restricted or reduced practice state, how has patient care been impacted in your local community by these barriers? For instance, is the ED used for primary care?  Are the EDs overcrowded with long wait times?  Are there urgent care clinics readily available? Is there adequate access to primary care?  If you live in a full practice, how has an independent practice of the APN resulted in improved patient access to healthcare?  

How does access to NPs impact any healthcare disparities?

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