Adding 7-8 sentences to discuss why the example in last paragraph you disagree. Must talk about thousand years ago determined now.
The existence of varying arguments on whether it is good or bad to help people in the streets has been explored in different perspectives. The prevailing conditions in an individual’s life rely on a number of elements (Kandler 1). The determination of today’s actions has a strong association with the background issues that have occurred in the past years. Life encounters are expected to shape the future and hence many people fail to follow the morally expected values claiming on nature determinism for everyone. Helping people on the streets has various implications when examined in link with what kind of help and what caused them to stay there. In disagreement that offering help remains the right thing, there lie several factors to consider. Humanity and reality of issues may conflict causing one to act differently.
The aspects of nature and nurture correlate expounding on human behavior towards a certain phenomenon. Failing to behave in the determined right things according to society will always rely on upbringing and past experience or understanding about a certain matter. Helping people from the will and personal conviction has long turned controversial with environmental continuity almost banning its existence. Environmental interactions have determinate factors developed over a thousand years ago. Social and environmental concepts link human behavior which explains the disagreement with free will and the right to help others in modern society. Biological concepts that explain nurture and environment have not remained constant for several years explaining that current perceptions towards helping others align with fate and nature (Kandler 4). The life that one lead follows specified and complex contributing factors. Goodwill has nothing much to do since future and historical foundations occur

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Kandler, Christian. “Nature and Nurture in Personality Development: The Case Of Neuroticism And Extraversion.” Current Directions in Psychological Science 21.5 (2012): 1-5. Print.

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