Discussion 6

“Discussion: Feedback and Reflection
In Week 5, you developed a Final Presentation that represents a culmination of your research and work throughout this course. In this presentation, you summarized your social issue, evaluated potential solutions, and addressed possible actions you could take toward achieving resolution. With the value of collective contributions in mind, you and your colleagues consider one anothers presentations and provide mindful, research-supported evaluations and observations.
For this weeks Discussion, you review and post feedback to at least two of your colleagues Final Presentations, as well as respond to the feedback that you receive on your Final Presentation.
By Day 1
To prepare for this Discussion:
Consider the fact that you have worked through a social issue from the ground up and progressed through the steps that anyone interested in social change would take to find solutions that meet the needs of society. Does having followed these steps empower you not only to advocate for your own issue but also to provide a constructive response to others?
Read the Discussion Spark topic, question, or comment posted by your Instructor in the Discussion thread.
Post  a response to the Discussion Spark post. The Discussion Spark and the weekly Discussion topic below will be graded together.  
You should have at least two significant paragraphs addressing the Discussion Spark and citing either course or outside resources.
What could a large institution like Walden University do to address or support social change issues like the one you have studied this term?”

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