Discussion Question

“TITLE: Introducing Music and Dance
Introduction: Including dance and music in the curriculum
This assignment fulfills/supports
Module Outcome 1: Define musical intelligence. Describe four important reasons for including music in the classroom and Gardner’s message to teachers supporting music and movement. Explain how you can make accommodations for children with hearing,visual, and physical impairments and how to introduce movement and dance in the classroom.
Course Outcome 4: Examines the developmentally creative experiences for children that are culturally diverse.
General Education Competency: You will have to communicate effectively using the conventions of American Standard English in professional and academic environments.
Your textbook and any other outside source you deem necessary to give a thorough and complete answer and to add to the conversation with your peers.
SpecificationsPost your opening response to the question early in the assignment period (at least by Thursday night of the module week) so that others have time to respond to you.
A thoughtful opening response will consider content, resources shared, and appropriateness to the content matter.
The Prompt How will you introduce movement and dance in your preschool classroom? Discuss your ideas with your peers. In your response to peers help them develop their ideas on how they will introduce music and dance in their preschool classroom.”

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