“The goal of this project is to build and present a business development plan using a Mind Map and to discuss it in detail through a presentation. The Mind Map will need to have major GCP product types, their subtopics and actual products that perform those functions. 
There needs to be a complete layout which will include the following details:
· Business Location (Cloud / Brick & Mortar / Hybrid)
· Product and / or Services Offered
The Mind Map can be of any industry that you choose.
The topics and subtopics on the Mind Map must be actual products that are related to GCP products.
The following files will be provided.
· GCP – Conceptual Mind Map
o The topic concept would be business needs as shown in the “GCP – Conceptual Mind Map”
· The entries would be actual products as shown, but not limited to, the file called “GCP Products”
· Your presented product would be similar in nature to the graphic “Google Cloud Mapping”
o The products on each topic will be based on GCP concepts.
· I have created a Mind Map called “GCP Mind Map Sample – Guide” which illustrates the mapping requirements.
The Mind Map must have the following 4 major topics
· Storage Products
· Database Products
· G Suite Platform
· Networking Products
The Mind Map layout needs to include:
· At least 2 additional major topics of your choosing
· The Mind Map must have at least 20 2nd tier subtopics
· The map must go at least 3 levels deep on at least 3 topics
o You can use any Mind Map tool or theme that you prefer
o The example provided was made on Miro.com
You will need to present the business idea as a timed 15-minute presentation
The PowerPoint slide show needs to be at least 15 slides
The presentation needs to show and explain 
· What the Mind Map shows
· How the business will be developed / lifecycle
· Product / Services offered
· Relationship to GCP and how the topics are integrated.
This will be a fictitious business but needs to be realistic.
The presentation will need to explain the mapping
Two files need to be submitted
· The PowerPoint presentation which is used for the presentation
· The graphic of the Mind Map”

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