EBP for QI – Qualitative Research

EBP for QI – Qualitative Research


1. Introduction and Purpose of paper

2. Describe what a Research Problem and Research Questions are. 2.1 Address how 2.2 why – they are identified and developed

3. Describe Review of Literature  – address WHY and HOW it is done

4. Explain what design means in research

5. Describe how the sample is selected in research and the significance of sample size

6. Explain data collection for Qualitative Research, addressing various tools that may be utilized

7. Explain data analysis in Qualitative Research, addressing how it may be done and what tools may be used

8. Explain reporting the results of a qualitative study, addressing  how it may be done and the significance of reporting results

9. Conclusion

REFERENCE – Southern Nursing  Research  Society (SNRS) Abstract  Submission Packet. snrs_abstract_guidelines__2022_2.pdf.

1. Prepare an abstract DNP Project.  ” Effectiveness of Patient Education for Elderly Duabetic Patient.”

Abstract for submission, for peer review for a poster/paper presentation to a professional audience

2. Complete the sample abstract submission materials for a national conference.

3. Follow guidelines of SNRS Abstract submission packet

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