ECON1082 International Monetary Economics

1. Analyse the concept of a nation’s balance of payments to examine the economic importance of changes in a nation’s net foreign wealth position.
2. Synthesize and evaluate theories of exchange rate determination.
3. Assess the policy options available in an open macroeconomic environment.
4. Evaluate the extent to which macroeconomic policy effectiveness is affected by macroeconomic openness.
5. Assess the implications of a government’s choice between a fixed and a floating exchange rate regime.
6. Analyse the causes and effects of currency crises.
The final assessment is applied in nature and encourages you to use the tools developed in the coursecontent to analyse and make sense of the world around you. In recent months economies around the worldhave experienced unprecedented shocks to their internal and external balance situations driven bynecessary closures and shuts downs of economic activity to deal with the health crisis.Your final assessment task for IME is to apply the theory developed in the course to the current world events

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