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“Write a commentary using the three videos below and the guiding questions provided to analyze how the teaching presented. Be sure to analyze the following components in your commentary:
Creation of an environment or respect and rapport
Establishment of a culture for learning
Managment of classroom procedures
Management of student behavior
Organization of the physical space
Be sure to cite evidence from the video to support your analysis.
This should be between 4 and 8 pages (Max) double spaced 12 point Times New Roman.  Indicate in your commentary the video and time stamp of the evidence used.
Video #1 – Respect and Rapport (Links to an external site.)
In what ways does the teacher create an environment of respect and rapport?
In what ways is it evident that a culture of learning has been established?
Video #2 – Physical Space (Links to an external site.)
What artifacts could you present that would indicate the classroom procedures are communicated and managed?
How is the classroom space used to facilitate learning?
How is the classroom space used to meet all student learning needs?
Video #3 – Student misbehavior (Links to an external site.)
How is the classroom space used to manage student behavior?
What methods are used to manage student behavior?
How does the teacher use non-verbal and verbal communication to manage behavior?

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