Effect of technology revolution on peoples’ writing abilities

Largely, technology has been blamed for the lack of writing skills among adults and youths. The emergence of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter are believed to encourage low levels of writings as opposed to the academic writings. Worldwide, parents are complaining of deterioration of students’ performance due to spending lots of time online chatting instead of doing research works. Other people are of the opinion that technology has greatly influenced student writings in a positive manner. The more time people spend online, the likelihood they will come across insightful and educative content.  According to Andrea Lunsford, the emergence of technology and socialization platforms are promoting writing skills among the young generation (Thompson, 2009).
Lunsford found out that the young people are writing more often today than any other prior generations. From the Stanford students’ population, about 38 percent of the students’ writings took place out of the classroom context. The lessons out of class are known as life writing, where the students constantly engage their friends online through socialization platforms like Twitter. In the social media, much of texting takes place which enhances the writing and typing skills of the student. The constant use of social media platforms, attract users to continuously engage in meaningful conversations. The sending and receiving of online information promote an element of thinking in terms of enriching one vocabulary and phrases while communication with the other person. In American society, before the emergence of the internet, most people never liked writing not unless it was a class or job assignment. The internet has changed the narrative now since there is lots of content posted online which provides knowledge and skills of writing creative and academic papers.
The continuous form of writing provides students’ with a different sense of good writing skills. In the class setting, students in Stanford are less enthusiastic as they find lecturing boring as it only involves the professor and is meant to assist them to achieve better grades. In most institutions, the classwork activities of only listening to the lecture lessons is a bit boring. Students feel forced in taking notes while in the classroom context. In the case they are taken out of the classroom and taught in a free and unconfined environment, they maximize knowledge which is essential in improving students’ skills of writing. People might worry about the effects of social platforms and technology on people academic writings. Some of the pundits in the education sector are of the opinion that informal chatting might find themselves in the academic works. The above opinion is proved otherwise by Lunsford who conducted a study on Stanford first-year students and found out their works did not have texting languages as part of the academic papers assigned to them.
Lunsford team findings indicated a remarkable improvement in assessing audience requirements by the students. Online writing has encouraged better chats and communications. The development of tools of writing has shaped people handwriting by making it look neat and smart. Students nowadays are keen on using the internet to conduct academic research aiding them to complete writing thesis and projects. The different online platforms have simplified solutions to essay writing by providing examples of styles of writings which students can use and learn to perfect their essay writing abilities. Some of the public online platforms provide a wide range of debates which encourages responses from people; thus through constant replies, the students gather information that is crucial in developing their writing capabilities. The online chatting process instills confidence on the participants to believe in themselves that they can write good chats which in turn promotes writing skills. Online socialization and texting have taught the young people on how to update status, which teaches them to use words that are precise and concise. Social media platforms promote collaborations and encourage people to write long prose forms, which improves writing skills. The students are clearly aware that writing entails persuading people to pay keen attention to your piece of work. The best media to seek for the audience is the social media. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter commands huge followers which students can use in gaining trust through their impressive writing articles. Even though people require guidance in writing correct academic papers, the internet has provided unlimited tutorials in writing good essays. The opportunities the internet provides have lured many students into becoming researchers in various fields. The data gathered is organized in a systematic manner; thus writing long prose with influential information backed up by thorough research.
Apparently, from the discussion above, technology has positively impacted people writing abilities. The young people currently have an opportunity of knowing what they are writing for and who influenced the writing pieces of work they are engaged in. Even though people see writing from different dimensions, it is important for them to understand the content they are writing to avoid instances of mixed works that do not make sense. Lastly, let the students read widely through the internet to equip themselves more with writing capabilities available online.
Thompson, C. (2009). Clive Thompson on the new literacy. Wired magazine17(9), 17-09.

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