ENG 105 Assignment 2 (10 points): Conflict Management Styles

Q 1: ( 5 points)
You are the team leader at your workplace. You are working on a current project that requires a specific budget that has been already estimated by your team expertise. However, at one stage of the project, you have to work with another team leader who insists on executing a better plan that exceeds the allocated cost. He has his own network and resources in the company, so it will be easy for him to take his plan into action. However, it is your responsibility to keep the cost of the project plan close to the estimated budget. You have to submit the final draft for the plan during your next meeting wit the supervisors. How are you going to handle the conflict?
You can handle this conflict in five different conflict management styles, but not all of them will be winning situations for you. Your task is:
1- Choose two effective styles and develop 2 solution scenarios* for the given conflict. You have to mention the ACTUAL plan, so develop a SPECIFIC scenario for each chosen style. (130-170 words)
2- Explain in your own words three to five potential strengths and weaknesses of each chosen style. (only 70-100 words for each chosen style for this question)
3- Please read the document (Chapter 11 READING conflict management literature review and case study.) in your portal to help you answer this assignment
Q2: Ahmad and Wisam live together in a flat. Ahmad bought a big TV because he likes to invite his friends and watch soccer games together. Wisam can bear up with watching some games, but not every single one. He can also handle the noise and the big company from time to time but not always. However, Ahmad thinks he is entitled to watch and invite his friends whenever he wishes since he owns the TV
Use the compromising and avoiding styles in two different scenarios (one per each) to handle this conflict.

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