“Length: 3-4 pages (including Reference or Bibliography Page)

Format: APA or Chicago – your choice

Sources: 3 

Double – Spaced – 12 font 

(Do not forget to upload a copy of the Annotated Bibliography for this assignment to the module where it is assigned as well) 


Society, as a whole, is struggling with written communication. Students are not using formal language when they upload essays for school and adults are using improper grammar and word choice all over social media. Everyone is aware that the world of technology and abbreviated text is one of the causes behind the trend in slang, improper word choice, and improper sentence structure showing up more and more in professional emails and social media posts as well. 

You are to compose a 3-4 page essay identifying the problems with written communication (long gone are the days of letter writing) and as this is a Problem-Solution Essay, you should focus on the solutions to this issue. Use part of your essay to identify the issues in today’s society with written communication and spend the last part of your essay researching and identifying solutions for the problem. Identify ways in which we can help improve written communication in student work, professional emails, and social media posts.