Write an essay addressing the term “representation” as it applies to games. You are welcome to use whatever sources available, especially readings presented in this course. Knowing how to use a source effectively is crucial, and this means two things: knowing how to extract and interpret information, and just as importantly, knowing how to incorporate that information in your essay in such a way that you persuasively support an argument. Use Examples: It is essential that you concretize your ideas by presenting one or more examples. Writers often find specificity a challenge, so the effective exploration of an example is an effective way to develop an essay and make the assertion convincing. In art and architecture history, ideas involve and relate to physical objects and human interactions with those objects. Writing therefore should also involve tangible examples, and since this is a brief essay, limiting your examples to two or three is good practice. ROUGH DRAFT: Writing is a process, not a singular event. It is often a cyclical process. Ideas conveyed in writing often require time and struggle to organize, deepen, and explain clearly. A preliminary but (nearly) complete draft of your essay is due August 30, uploaded to Gauchospace. That draft is worth 10 percent of your overall course grade. Comments and edits on that draft should be used effectively to revise and complete the essay, for the final submission due at the end of Week Six. Your Section instructor may impose additional requirements for this assignment. Rough Draft Due: 1200-1500 words, 11:59pm, August 30, uploaded to Gauchospace. FINISHED ESSAY: Take the feedback from the Rough Draft into account and craft a polished essay. It is worth 20 percent of your overall course grade. The final version of your essay on representation should be at least 1500 words in length. Structure your essay in a clear way, and support your assertion in the body of your text. Be specific when necessary; be detailed. Above all, write a smart, interesting and well-crafted essay. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are important considerations in grading the essay. It is also crucial that you cite sources, as well as apply appropriate use of quotation marks, notes and bibliography. Your Section instructor may impose additional requirements for this assignment. Finished Essay Due: 1500-2000 words, 11:59pm, Sept. 12, uploaded to Gauchospace.
Game History: Representation as it Applies to Games
Games are mediums designed for potential players; therefore, playing ought to be fun and engaging. This means that with many potential players, there is a need for designing more and more games. A challenge in this has been the aspect of designing games that are very representative and engaging. It is a huge challenge to come up with representative games for players around the world. Games ought to be more representative than they were before in history. The history of game representation should advance because technological advancements have moved forward to establish diverse and technology savvy players. Thus, players, students, designers, and industry leaders are growing, indicating that they require diversity (Malkowski & Russworm, 2017). This paper views the representation as it applies to games from a historical point of view and provides insights into the game industry’s future. The article views representation in the gaming industry as an aspect of design accessibility. It advises on factors to be considered more representative and some of the implications of under-representation in games

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