Essay for Integrated Health Science

“This project requires you to select a bodily system and give an overview of the associated organs, tissues, cells, and their major physiological functions. Select one microbe-related (bacteria, virus, fungi/yeast/mold, or parasite) medical condition that affects that system and discuss how that condition affects the physiological functioning and if there are any changes to the anatomical structures of the system you have chosen. Include information on its route of transmission, and what types of infection control precautions could be taken to minimize its spread. 
Bodily System : Integumentary System 
Condition : Staph Infection
Based on your readings, use of technology, literature, and other sources do the following:
List the various organs, tissues, and specialized cells associated with the bodily system you chose as well as how these structures relate to the function of your chosen system.
Select one microbe-related medical condition that can be seen in your chosen bodily system.
Discuss the statistical demographics of the condition: prevalence, number of new cases each year, mortality rate, etc.
Analyze and discuss the physiologic effects the infection might have on the individual, and if there would be any anatomical effects from the infection.
Relate possible ways the individual may have become infected with the microbe (route of transmission).
Portray infection control procedures that could (or should) be undertaken to minimize the risk of spreading the infection to others.
The body of the paper should be at least three pages (not including title page, abstract, tables, charts, exhibits, or references) typed, 12 point font.
This paper requires a minimum of two references: academic journals, professional journals, and/or appropriate authoritative references approved by the instructor. Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate resource.
You may use charts, tables, or graphs to present information.
All papers are submitted in APA format.

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