Final Project: Emulation
This culminating project calls students to identify an artist who inspires them. Students may select a historical or contemporary artist. Once each student has identified an artist that inspires them, they will be required to conduct some research. Students will examine two works of art created by the artist. When analyzing these pieces of art, students will need to communicate what they admire about the artist’s style and approach to the elements and principles of design. When students have completed their analysis of each work of art, they will create their own art piece that emulates some aspect of the art produced by the artist who inspires them.
1.Identify one artist who inspires you. You may select a historical or contemporary artist. You may need to do some research if you are uncertain of who to select. Consider choosing an artist we have learned about in the course. (A3.1 half, A3.2 half) (10’)
2.Select TWO works of art by the artist that you feel comfortable examining.
3.Write a short analysis of each work of art that you selected in step 2. (30’)
Each analysis should be a minimum of one paragraph, typed, and double-spaced. Each analysis should have a minimum of 7-10 sentences.
As you examine each work of art, explain your first expression of the art works. Describe how historical events or culture at that time, can give you a deeper understanding of the work’s intent and meaning. (A1.3 half,B1.1,B1.3) As you examine each work of art,identify what aspects of the artist’s style/technique that you admire and why you like the way the artist applies some of the elements and principles of design.(C2.1, C2.2) Identify any social impacts of the chosen works and what do these works reveal about the society? Does any of the revelation change or affect your perceptions towards society? (B2.1,B2.2,B2.3) Include a photo and credit line for each work of art that you examine. Here is an example of a credit line: (C3.1)Francisco Goya, The Third of May, 1808, 1814, Oil on canvas, 2.64x 3.43, Museodel Prado.4.Brainstorm ideas and mediums for a work of art that you can create that somehow emulates an aspect of the artist’s style. Select one art idea that you feel comfortable moving forward with and begin planning your concept. Please complete at least 1-2 full page rough sketches of your concept. Show any revision on your sketches. (A1.1,A1.2, A2.1, A2.2, A3.1 half, A3.2 half)(25’)5.Create your work of art! You will have about two full weeks to complete this final piece. Use your time wisely.(A1.3 half) (50’)6.Prepare a 10 to 15-minute presentation of your art work. You will need to present visual aids (power points and etc.) for this presentation. Make sure to include the following aspects:(35’)
The conventions and standards applied in your art work (A3.3)
The difference between your work and the chosen art works and reflection on the qualities of your work comparing to the chosen one (B1.2, B1.4)
Proper terminology related to creative process, critical analysis process and principle of design and techniques when presenting and analyzing your art work (C1.1,C1.2,C1.3)Assignment Checklist:
•Choosing an artist and two art pieces
•Analysis of the chosen works and credit lines
•Sketches and revisions of your art work
•Final submission of your art work
•Presentation with visual aids