BASED ON RUNNING AN EQUINE FACILITY Financial Forecasts Chart of Accounts, Forecasting and Proforma Statements Chart of accounts – Using Net MBA as a reference (or notes from accounting class) develop a chart of accounts for your proposed business. Your list must be developed in Excel. The important aspect of this part of the assignment is to ensure that you include all possible sources of revenue and all possible expenses. You will also need asset and liability accounts for the balance sheet and the statement of owner’s equity. Number your accounts in some logical way i.e. 1000s Assets, 2000s liabilities etc. Forecasting – Develop a forecasting model in Excel that will allow you to test out various scenarios for revenue. Revenue will be slow to begin with and then later may fluctuate seasonally depending on your business. Use cell references and formulas wherever possible. Use a format similar to the models presented in the Excel Tutorial. A draft maybe submitted prior for the due date for review. Forecasted financial statements – Using the data from forecasts and educated guesses etc. prepare the following financial statements. Income statement for year one Statement of owner’s equity for year one A balance sheet for day one of year one A forecasted statement of cash flow for year one broken down into quarters. Use cell references and formulas wherever possible.

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