“Students will present a topic of their own choice to the entire class. The presentation should be the equivalent 2 pages of text and a PowerPoint (up to 10 slides). The presentation should ideally be a preparation for the final research paper. You are expected to find 3 scholarly sources for your research that are not part of the assigned reading in class.
Additional Guidelines:

Find your own topic, and discuss it with the instructor in beforehand via e-mail.
Find a minimum of 3 new scholarly articles for your research.
Justify why you think your topic is of relevance.
Put your own topic into its proper historical and/or political context.
Structure your argument clearly.
Prepare up to 3 questions for class discussion.
For general remarks, see the presentation guidelines in Appendix I, page 23.

Grading: 10 points total

complexity of the argument (5 points)
correct rendition of your argument (1 point)
additional scholarly sources (3 points)
clarity and correctness of writing (½ point)
handling your responses to questions in the discussion (½ point)