fsmt405 week 3 review questions

“Chapter 5
1.  What are three ways loads are imposed on materials?
2.  List the three types of forces created when loads are imposed on materials.
3.  What is the definition of a beam?
4.  Explain the effects of fire on steel structural elements.
5.  How does a masonry wall achieve strength?
6.  List and define the five common types of building construction using the NFPA 220 system.
7.  What is a hybrid building? List several types.
8.  List, in order, the five-step analytical approach to predicting building collapse.
9.  List several factors that decrease the time that it takes for a structural element to fail under fire conditions.
10.  Define the difference between an emergency evacuation, precautionary withdrawal, and planning awareness.
11.  What observations and conditions should be communicated to a RIC officer by the ISO?
 Chapter 6
1.  What is smoke?
2.  What are the six phases of a ventilation-controlled compartmentalized fire?
3.  List common hostile fire events and their associated warning signs.
4.  What are the four attributes of smoke?
5.  How do the four smoke attributes contribute to the understanding of fire behavior within a building?
6.  What is meant by the term “black fire”?
7.  Explain the influencing factors that impact smoke VVDC.
8.  List the three steps involved in reading smoke.
 Chapter 7
1.  Describe the differences between dangerous and risky.
2.  List the influences on risk-taking values.
3.  List the four risk management principles outlined in NFPA standards.
4.  What is “valued property”?
5.  What is meant by situational awareness, and what factors diminish one’s ability to be situationally aware?
6.  What are the four influences on situational awareness that can be improved?
7.  Describe the three-step ISO read-risk mental process used to judge whether a risk is acceptable or unacceptable.
8.  List the three levels used to profile survivability for a given space within a building.
9.  What is recognition-primed decision making, and how can it be improved?