GEG5229 PAST ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE-Portfolio of practical work – weeks 8-11

In these weeks you will undertake 3 practical sessions, all working on a sediment core from Fridd-y-Fawnog, North Wales. You will be generating and analysing a series of results that together will allow to produce a record of the past environmental change for the site.  You then need to place the information from your study site into the wider context of environmental change in the region and also wider climatic patterns.
In the report I am looking for you:

  • To introduce the main themes of the topic
  • Outline the site and its location
  • Indicate your aims and objectives
  • Outline the methods used
  • Present your data
  • Interpret the observations of your data
  • Interpret your data relative to other key studies in the area and wider climatic patterns
  • Highlight your key findings

You should expect to write around 2000 words for this section of the portfolio, I expect to see the following subheadings in your report and have included an approximate word count for each section.

  • Introduction/Background (250 words)
  • Aims/Objectives (100 words)
  • Site info (150 words)
  • Methods (250 words)
  • Results (400 words plus figures (captions not in overall word limit)
  • Discussion (600 words)
  • Conclusions (include limitations) (250 words)
  • References (not in word count)

You will be given more information in each practical handout and in the session, including the figures I expect to see and how you should present these (this document will be updated as we move through the weeks). There will be an opportunity for informal feedback as we go through the practicals.
Specific references for the practical sessions are provided in the practical handouts.
Study Site:
Very little work has been published from Ffridd-y-Fawnog but journal articles that mention it include:
Hughes, P.D. (2002) Loch Lomond Stadial glaciers in the Aran and Arenif Mountains, North Wales, Great Britain, Geological Journal, 37, 9-15.
Hughes, P.D. (2010) Geormorphology and Quaternary stratigraphy: The roles of morpho-, litho- and allostratigraphy. Geomorphology, 123, 189-199.
Also included are some references that include a study of Quaternary Environmental Change in Wales.
Ince, J. (1996). Late-glacial and early Holocene vegetation of Snowdonia. New Phytologist, 132, 343-353.
Lowe, J.J. and Lowe, S. (1989) Interpretation of the pollen stratigraphy of Late Devensian lateglacial and early Flandrian sediments at Ltne Gwernan, near Cader Idris, North Wales. New Phytologist, 113, 391-308.
Walker, M.J.C. Coope, G.R. Sheldrick, C. Turney, C.S.M. Lowe, J.J. Blockley, S.P.E. Harkness, D.D. (2003) Devensian Lateglacial environmental changes in Britain: a multi-proxy environmental record from Llanilid, South Wales, UK. Quaternary science reviews. 22: 475-520.
Watkins, R., Scourse, J.D. and Allen, J.R.M. (2007) The Holocene vegetation history of the Arfon Platform, North Wales, UK., Boreas, 36, 170-181.

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