What: A creative, hands-on project to demonstrate the application of the PERMA (H) model, in the context of the UAE.
Why: The purpose of the Individual Project is:
1. To discover individual character strengths and their meaning.
2. To develop a positive intervention based on these character strengths.
3. To create a visual interpretation and presentation that demonstrates how to apply your character strengths to be successful at Zayed University. When: Your Individual Project is due: (Week 5)
Worth: 25% of your Final Grade.
Instructions: You will create a visual interpretation and presentation (5 minutes) that covers the following:
1. Character Strengths:
a. Introduce your Character Strength(s) with definitions.
b. Give examples of how your Character Strength(s) reflect your personality.
c. What are the current ways you have used your top strength(s) to your advantage?
d. Are there strength(s) you have not taken advantage of and why?
2. Positive Intervention Plan
a. Develop and present a positive intervention plan that will allow you to successfully use your strength(s) in your academic and personal life.
b. Define what success looks like for you at Zayed University.
3. Creative Interpretation
a. Create a visual representation of your future success. This can be in the form of any creative expression (e.g. poems, music, art, movies, skit, interview, handout, photographs, etc.)
i. Where do you see yourself four years from now?
ii. “Life Summary” Technique – what would the summary of your life look like if we were to assume that you are happy and flourishing?
Take note:
1. The latest submission date online is 9/24/2020 – after which marks will be deducted for any late submissions. However, you might be required to submit before depending on your presentation date. The schedule of presentations will be provided by the faculty.
2. The project is expected to be coherent, well researched, clearly written, creative, demonstrate proper use of grammar, and well-rehearsed.
3. Proper citations are expected for any sources used to help develop the presentation.
4. All of the points mentioned in the sections above have to be included in the PowerPoint or Creative Interpretation and presented.

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