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“Assignment News Articles: 
 Please read these three articles relating to aspects of human effects to the world’s oceans and their natural and human ecosystems (and look at their short videos). The first one is about plastic pollution and how it is affecting small islands. The second is about how nature can repair ecosystem damage, and the third is about how rapid changes to the Arctic Ocean and environment will require rapid changes to a cultural way of life. 
Cleaning up beach plastic in Bali                     
Volcanic pumice moving towards Great Barrier Reef to help restock coral 
 Arctic indigenous people’s perspective on a rapidly warming Arctic 
Please read all three short articles, followed by your reaction to their main points. 
Are these just isolated issues in remote areas that don’t really concern us here?Or does it?
 What do these articles indicate about the health of the world’s oceans?
 What did you learn that you didn’t know before? 

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