Health assignment 2

“Review the work of John Snow regarding the cholera epidemic in Soho/London England in 1854. Answer the following questions:
Describe the geographical chart he used to map the outbreak of cholera in London and Soho England.
What body system is affected by cholera and why is it such a dangerous disease?
Is cholera still a dangerous disease today? If so why? If not, why?
Why did other doctors dispute John Snows beliefs about cholera?
What did other scientists believe caused cholera?
How did Snow narrow his research to thebroad street pump as the source of contamination? g. What specifically was determined to be the cause of the cholera outbreak?
What are similarities and differences in the way a public health professional would follow a disease outbreak in the 21st. century compared to the way Snow followed cholera?
Create a 400-600 word document and upload to BlackBoard.

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