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What is Mutual Fund?

Mutual funds are an investment strategy that allows companies to pool money together from investors to fund an investment. It allows the purchase of bonds, stocks and other securities that would be hard to recreate alone. This process is often referred to as a portfolio. The net asset value (NAV), also known as the price of a mutual fund is determined by the total security value. It is calculated by dividing the total value of securities in the portfolio by the outstanding share value. Mutual fund prices fluctuate based on the security value held by the portfolio at the end of every day. It is important to note that investors in the mutual fund do not own the securities being invested in, they only one the shares that fund the investments.

Mutual assignment help services

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The main role of a portfolio manager is to look for the right investment options that increase profits while lowering expected risk. Mutual fund assignments are meant to increase understanding of the field. Students are required to benchmark with already existing companies and formulate a workable investment plan. In such a case, students will be required to actively manage mutual funds and come up with the decision of whether to buy or sell the security. Some of the factors the student has to analyze are;

Convenience and Liquidity

Investors are often faced with the dilemma of whether they should buy or sell a fund share within a particular day at the close of the market at fund’s NAV. They may also automatically reinvest income generated from dividends, capital gain distribution or make additional investment any time. Majority of stock funds require a minimum initial investment that may be lower than what to be invested in a diversified portfolio of an individual stock.

Tax Consideration

A portfolio manager, it is important to consider investments that reduce tax costs. Dividends held within a portfolio are required to pay dividends or interests. These events also generate income for the fund. By law, income generated from rising in value of funds has to be paid out to the investor. Investors owning shares in the mutual fund at the distribution time are responsible for paying taxes to the government. However, in funds such as municipal bonds, the investors are exempted from federal or state taxes.