History 1301- Reaction Paper

Read documents 46, 47, and 49 in the Voices of Freedom documents book (pages 138-140; 140-143; 148-150).
[This documents book is packaged with the Give Me Liberty, Volume 1, 6th edition textbook.]
After reading the documents, answer the following questions in a one-page essay format.
You are a newspaper editor who publishes a newspaper in New York City. What are your thoughts on the controversial French Revolution, and how are you planning to describe this incident to your readers? Do you support the politics of the Democratic-Republican societies? How do you view the leadership and legacy of George Washington? As a member of the press, what are your thoughts on the Alien and Sedition Acts?
• Write this essay in 1st person. (Subject pronouns: “I” or “we”/object pronouns “me” or “us”)
• A good way to write this paper is to answer (in essay format) all the questions posed in the prompt.
• Remember to recognize the ethical issues presented in the prompt. Your job is to apply your core beliefs to this particular ethical question.
• In addition, your job is to evaluate the different perspectives presented, take a position, and refute the opposition position using the assigned documents.
• A paragraph is NOT an essay. An essay should consist of many well-written paragraphs (you don’t have a ton of space to write multiple paragraphs, so at least two or three paragraphs would be fine).
• DO NOT turn in over one page. You should only have one single page.
• That being said, this essay should be one FULL page. Points will immediately be taken off for a student who turns in half a page or three quarters of a page.
• Please DO NOT provide an extensive heading/title at the top of the page. All you need to do is type your name in the top left corner of the document, push enter once (the document will be double spaced), and begin typing. No date, class time, title, or professor’s name is necessary. Remember, this should be a full page and a long heading takes away from the space you will have to write.
• Please write your essay in 12 point, Times New Roman Font. You should have one inch margins, and the essay should be double-spaced. Points will be taken off for not adhering to the format, so make sure to follow these simple instructions.
• I will deduct points for grammatical errors.
• Late assignments will NOT be accepted. (This means papers are due by October 11, 2020 at 11:59pm CST). Papers submitted after this time will not be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS.
• You CANNOT submit your reaction paper via e-mail. It must be uploaded into the D2L dropbox provided specifically for this paper.
• DO NOT use outside sources for this paper. The ONLY source you can use is the documents book mentioned at the top of this instruction sheet. Taking content from any other source (a website, online essay, a book) will result in a 0 for this paper and potentially an F for the semester.

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