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Watch the video below and read attachments with Unit 4 then answer the following 4 questions. Answer each question with a min 150 word per question

1) One of the major concerns among the early America was the strong central government that was created in D.C. States were concerned about the abuse of power and the lack of States’ having their say in local issues or States’ rights. I wonder if we created dictatorship by having a strong central gov’t? Will love to hear your comments.
2) There are certain functions clearly belong to the federal government, and the state government, I wonder who is best to solve issues like Immigration, Education, Health care, etc. Federal or State governments. Will love to hear your comments.
3) The 1972 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision making termination( cant use the other word) legal nationwide, should the Federal Government tell women they should do with their bodies? Where do we draw the line with the government? Will love to hear your comments.
4) Federalism can make States very vulnerable to the Federal government, States who refused to comply with Federal Laws or mandates can be subjected to withholding of federal grant money that effectively hurt the citizens of each state. Is this democracy or ransom? Will love to hear your comments.

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