history discussion board post and reply 2 parts

Question 1
In your first post, provide your evidenced opinion re: what do you feel is the most significant impact of the Vietnam conflict up to 1980. Why do you feel this way?
Question 2
In your second post, note whether a classmate’s perspective is historicized(measures impact based on data from the times and only about the times) or “”stepping-stone”” (emphasizes what is important to us now or to the writer now and generalizes beyond the specific historical period.) The ability to recognize whether the goal is historical or “”teleological,”” meaning focused on our times, is an important final strategy for recognizing the difference between scholarship and other uses of history.
you must complete the second portion using the below post
The dream of LB Johnson and others of the Great Nation I believe was one of the greatest losses for the United States from the war in Vietnam as well as the death of common sense. Had the response to Vietnam been more direct and executed in more decisive manner, the result would have been victory. The United States government as a whole absolutely failed the nation during the Vietnam War. From Congress failing to declare war all the way to the lack of an overwhelming military response that should have ended the war before it began, the government failed to see the changes that were occurring right before their eyes. The United States had plenty of domestic issues to address including the fact that we were actively portraying ourselves as a nation of equals which was no where near the truth. Simply looking at the statistics from the draft would tell anyone with common sense we were as far away from equal as you could get.
“”The death of common sense and our innocence and disconnection from the reality of war were destroyed. Paranoia of Communism was what really killed the “”Great Nation”” concept. Great Nations required balanced people who are equals running it together. That simply was not available. Much like the money that Johnson spent in Vietnam, it was just missing and had been spent leaving millions of Americans divided and left out in the dark with no hope. All the plans to help in the world are no good with out the funding to back them. As Johnson discovered, you can’t spend money twice.””

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