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The entertainment industry has grown over the years with the creation of several resorts aimed at providing holiday parks for relaxation. The Hong Kong Disneyland resort serves as a major tourist destination in the Chinese territory. The operations and activities served under the business have been in evaluation schemes by many reviewers. Based on a country with a rich culture and deeply attached to the social norms, this company serves to its best in intensifying the theme of social interactions. The theme park has attracted different visitors who explore the richness of the strategic location and experience the aspects of a progressive process to articulate the globalization concepts. In the wake of the Disney entertainment points, Hong Kong Disneyland has managed to set various goals right for the enrichment of the resort features. Over the years, different management goals have seen improved performance and intensification of the activities dealt with in the park. The firm is best established in ensuring the community members embrace and benefit from the annual developments. In the past years since creation in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland has been at the forefront ensuring quality service and goodwill of the environment status. The enhancement geared towards better service and accountability in the company activities keeps the company society positive change oriented.
The evaluation concepts about HKD performance relies on current performance in terms of service and member satisfaction as well as the financial benefits accrued from its activities. In the exploration of culture preservation, the organization goals have greatly treated the community with the owner by representing every bit of the Chinese norms in the company goals. The issues currently facing the resort emerges from the international notion expression in the Hong Kong Disneyland daily ventures so as to serve even the outside world visitors. Integration means a substantial deal for development one of the kind request an extension to serve all races and culture. The region acts as a major shopping and visiting site which explains the wonderful financial performance of the Disney Park all the time. Management, development projects, and extension plans continue to expand the theme park performance and strategic economic results.
Strategic evaluation and implications
The existence of Hong Kong Disneyland has grown to attract huge attention from visitors from the China mainland and the general Asia population. The aspects of continued advancements on services offered to strategic management values keep the business goals appropriate on an average scale. The incidents of the introduction of new features and intensification of the general culture matching events have maintained a longtime center of tourism growth across the Chinese mainland endeavors. Disney Park stands on a long historical story about its development and service identification for the region (Bricker, 2018). Despite competition and issues about market share and globalization, HKD has maintained an improving attribute every new operational year since its establishment. The focus on the actions and features that embrace the residents and visitors demands mostly considers enriching and satisfying the local people needs and culture designs. Ever since changing the first theme development to focus on the location of cultural heritage HKD has attained a higher number of visitors than before (Choi, 2012). The initiatives to shelter and serve the locals to explore the better foundation for future integration purposes. The exploration of the regional strategic location near Hong International airport and in the Penny bay makes it an ideal place to visit and explore the magnificent elements underworld known Destiny entertainment features.
The current status and development projects in progress explore the improvement factor in Hong Kong Disneyland. The 2019 development plan highlights considerable changes aimed at making the place better and attractive to its fans. In the exploration of major programs in progress and those implemented in the last few years or months, several changes have contributed to the progressive reinforcement of an advanced destiny world and credible place for children tours as well as interested grown-ups. The strategies to address issues pertaining to international travel complexities expresses a major step towards advanced visitors’ handling measures (Zhu & Xu, 2010). The creation of new magical points like work to transform the Sleeping Beauty castle Frozen land, and Marvel Land all to increase the experience and pleasure of the destiny park in the coming days (Bricker, 2018). Analyzing the projects gives a positive reflection of innovative ideas in action for a greater future in visiting Hong Kong Disneyland destination. Despite the expected delay for completion of some proposed projects like the opening of Ant-man and The Wasp define commendable work that has made the park interesting. Such efforts form attractive features to fans from the local and international origin. In the strategic formulation and analysis, various tools depict the improvement capability the location and social factors culture embracing. The concepts gives Hong Kong Disneyland an added advantage to keep tourists coming again and again.
The marketing strategy for this company conforms to the setting that serves Disneyland market concepts. The application of both global and local adventures makes it a unique place where a number of attendants have grown over the years citing improvement indicators. In the exploration of the entertainment market segment, different actors play in contributing to the spread of common knowledge about newly introduced shows, magical scenes, adventure and extension of existing categories (Yao, 2017). As a tourist center and open parade ground on a yearly basis, different strategies are brought into action to serve to improve the views of the people. Following up on the development scheme on a market basis, improvement of HKDL services and product sales has been focused through road shows and organized public relations awareness days. The discovery of new efforts and research to expand the categories already realized follows a unique method for incorporating locals, China mainland and those from abroad. The market intensification culture explores a contributing factor from the travel department on rail connected areas and other Asian cities for easier travel (Choi, 2012). The context of marketing through media, broadcasting channels and meeting various fans in the streets explains the idea of good trends in expanding the server market share. The brand development of proper foundations among customers makes any new service or product introduced gain popularity with ease. Operations in progress indicate a conformity factor to Disney world market attributes that assess the high probability victory of HKD resort marketing efforts.
The financial strides in the HKD activities have conveyed a progressive index within the set objectives. Revenue generation had been deteriorating in the first years which later saw a gradual advancement in annual earnings. The case of fiscal year reports has indicated a positive increment since the business peaked after five years of struggle after establishment in 2005. The implications of value-added economic benefits brought to Hong Kong amounted to o.34% increase among the residents of the region in GDP rise. There was an 18% increase in revenue earnings in 2018 compared to the previous year (Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, 2019). The continuous growth in benefits explains a profitable trend where losses have reduced remarkably. The growth in a number of visitors on a yearly basis explains the rise in profit and exploration of a better income statement position. Counting on the creation of several job opportunities and other service expansions define a good phase from the initial years of remarkable non-profit venture. Community, mainland and overseas visitors to the park help create a higher determination to invest and continue counting more profits and economic development to the urban setting.
The management process has so far advanced in exploring new ideas and listening to any product aligned grievances. The concept of accepting the extension of culture based performance and parade presentation to accommodate both locals and visitors beyond China expresses a responsive management action (Yao, 2017). In the examination of how the leading team has been of importance to HKD resort and theme park growth involves cooperation with the government, other companies like the Chinese jewelry firm and adoption of appropriate promotion and advertisement measures. From the context of human resource management, job creation and recruitment follows a considerate approach which enables community needs embracing and partnering in charity work projects (Zhu & Xu, 2010). The leading team focuses on engaging the community more serve as one important factor in eliminating criticism. The relevance of corporate responsibility exists as a basic management development area to keep on improving.
The presence of diverse groups in the Hong Kong city requires broader representation by management in language barrier elimination. Tourism advancement versions in the Disney land engages a beneficial follow-up gesture in terms of security details the management creates (Vermeulen, n.d.). The employment consideration for people living with disability explores a strategic technique of ensuring population economic development for all persons fostering uniform growth and all groups’ representation. Innovative skills intensification and new projects explain a work in progress towards better corporate power and competitive advantage.
The company performance in the past years has indicated improvement. Various issues pertaining to cultural integration and community resistance have been addressed offering a better context. Performing daily routines and management responsibilities explore growing techniques. Human resource management considers a balanced recruitment process. Examining economic and social growth elaborates a transformed old HKDL with higher revenue earnings. Security of visitors remains at the peak with concerned persons dedicated to direct and promote satisfactory outcome. However, the pending projects on initial established programs and transformation of other existing features require quick accomplishment to make the destination more appealing and modern.
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