Hospitality Operations Management

Food service operations have been required to increase the distance between customers. Using the concepts and principles of operations management:
Analyse the impact that requirements for social distancing have had on the ways in which restaurants or kitchens manage capacity and demand.
Operations need to be profitable, to do this they have to be efficient and effective. They need to be able to process enough customers to cover their costs. The number of customers passing through the restaurant is represented by the throughput rate. To increase the throughput rate the operation must either reduce the average time that customers spend at the restaurant (the throughput time) or increase the volume of customers that the restaurant can serve by increasing its physical (production) capacity (the throughput rate). The aim could be to at least to serve as many customers as they did before the introduction of social distancing.
We want you to demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts underlined and do some research to come up with examples of what restaurants have done to try and maximise the throughput rate, reduce throughput time, or both.
In addition you also need to demonstrate and understanding of what demand management is and research to come up with examples of what restaurants have done to try and manage demand so that the number of customers queuing to enter the restaurant is kept to a minimum.
You need to explain in what way (why) your examples have helped manage capacity and demand.
For this module words in tables, diagrams and the reference list do not form part of the word count.
It is advised to group your examples in three tables;
1. With examples of reducing the throughput time;
2. With examples of increasing the throughput rate;
3. With examples of demand management.
Provide a minimum of one to a maximum three examples for each section.
As a minimum requirement you are only expected to apply theoretical concepts and principles introduced in lectures 1 – 4. However, more diligent students are likely to read ahead a little.

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