How can educators raise the achievement of ALL learners in an inclusive classroom setting

Define inclusion/diversity in a school setting
As in, all parts of the school are accessible, and all resources, equipment and strategies are accessible to all learners so that they can actively participate in activities organised at school.
1 short paragraph about each
Say something about the role of the lse in the classroom (refer to the local document) and
The importance of teacher/lse (teamwork) and …..parent collaboration
As in, parents are provided with training opportunities to enhance their parenting skills so that they are in a better position to support their child’s learning at home and at school.
In another section explain how:
Promoting positive interactions among students, raises their sense of belonging, which in turn, raises their potential for achievement
Now link (make an effective connection), what you have already written in the above sections, to the next section where you will talk about
Teaching strategies/quality teaching which is learner- centred e.g. through multisensory instructional approaches with particular reference to UDL – Universal Design for Learning is central to the school’s environmental planning to ensure a flexible and accessible learning environment for all.
Again all this info needs to relate to, raising the achievement of ALL learners, which is the main focus of your assignment question.

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