How has Australia’s settlement impacted on the nation’s First Peoples?

How has Australia’s settlement impacted on the nation’s First Peoples?  Discuss steps the development community may take to ensure that we show respect to the First Peoples’ elders and culture, and to acknowledge the importance of the land to Indigenous cultural heritage.

  1. Students must prepare a 5 minute oral presentation that addresses the topic set out above, and a supporting PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Students will need to consider the relevant content from Week 1 and conduct further research into Indigenous cultural heritage, the impact of settlement and modern challenges faced by Australia’s First Peoples.
  3. Students must submit the PowerPoint file to the relevant submission link on Learning@Griffith by 9am on 29 March 2021. Students must use the PowerPoint file in their presentation.  No further changes are permitted to the file once it has been submitted.
  4. Students will be required to conduct the presentation via Teams in Week 4. The marker will then prompt a discussion with the student by asking several questions related to the topic. Students will need to answer those questions.
  5. The entire interactive oral will be no longer than 10 minutes in duration.
  6. Each student must complete the assessment individually and will be assessed on their performance during the interactive oral, including how well they answered the questions posed by the marker.
  7. Each student will be assessed against the rubric criteria uploaded on Learning@Griffith.
  8. Weighting: 35% of your overall course mark
  9. Due date: Your PowerPoint file must be submitted by 9am on 29 March 2021.  You will conduct your interactive oral during Week 4.  Each student must book a time with the marker and attend at the nominated time.  Once you have booked a time, you will receive a Teams meeting request for your nominated time.  Detailed instructions regarding the booking process will be provided by the course convenor at a later date.
  10. Marks will be deducted if students are not ready to conduct the interactive oral at their allotted time.


Students are strongly encouraged to join the Teams meeting at least 5 minutes before their presentation is due to begin.  You should use this time to share your slides, and prepare for your presentation.  You must be ready to start your presentation as soon as the marker joins the meeting.
Once your presentation is complete, you will need to turn on your camera to answer questions and interact with the marker.
You can record the presentation if you would like to have a digital artifact to add to your personal portfolio.
APA or Harvard referencing is required.  You should include in-text referencing in your PowerPoint slides, and a reference list should be included on the last slide.  A bibliography is not required.
In doing this assignment, students will be expected to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of settlement on the First Peoples;
  • Answer each of the questions posed during the interview; and

Communicate their answers clearly and effectively.

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