How to Write a Better Psychology Research Paper

According to Zhao & Hirvela (2015), it is important for a student to synthesize information before jotting it down. A student in the university, college or senior school has a clear understanding of the close relationship between reading and writing. The discussion of my personal experiences with academic reading and writing will guide the direction of the essay. 
      Pundits in the education sector are in agreement that academic reading and writing are closely related, as reading supports writing and vice versa. From my own experience, I like to read first before writing. The reason is to improve on my knowledge capabilities by reading extensively on a subject matter before I start writing on it. The knowledge obtained from various books comes with varied genres, different language layout structure, which provide me an opportunity of translating what have acquired in my own understanding through academic writing. I can firmly state that without reading widely, a student will not have enough capabilities of expressing opinions concisely and precisely. Most of the things we write come from the various textbooks, journals, articles we usually read on a continuous basis. Personally, I believe reading forms an integral part of writing in a scholar life. Expression of opinions in different languages is fun because of the translation taking place. The numerous language around provides a chance to students speaking English, Germany, French, and other languages to comprehend information from texts and write down a summary for other people to read too. The meaning being expressed is the same except for the layering structure, language of expression and handwriting skills. The differences in language skills reading and writing is brought about by the level of mastery the student has on the area. Specializing in the discipline ensures there is vast knowledge in the mind, which when written down reflects high levels of education capabilities.   
      Our young children are greatly influenced by the teachers reading and writing skills. As parents, we heavily rely on the teachers to teach our kids on how to read and write. I remember growing up, especially in the lower education levels, the tutors emphasized vowel reading, as they formed a starting point of words reading and construction. For example, in my case, I used to have a problem in reading and writing of the word island. As I progressed, things became easier because of the routine pronunciation classes we were taken through. The interesting thing from the above relationship is never giving up on reading and writing because encouragement is key in succeeding. Parents should encourage their children to practice reading and writing to build on their level of skills. There are numerous things to learn in the English class. Based on my previous experiences, learning to read and write takes different forms depending on the level of exposure to various class materials. The delivery method of the lecturer matters a lot to the student. An engaging teacher provides a good chance for the students to develop an interest in the area of English language. Taking an example of a literature professor who always makes fun of the stories presented by various authors, will make the students understand well the literary works and research more to understand. I expect to improve on my writing skills because I have prepared myself psychologically in handling the semester assignments by reading and writing widely. Additionally, I have vowed to internally motivate my writing skills, in order to, achieve the set goals of the semester. 


Zhao, R., & Hirvela, A. (2015). Undergraduate ESL Students’ Engagement in Academic Reading and Writing in Learning to Write a Synthesis Paper. Reading in a Foreign Language, 27(2), 219-241.

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