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Is it time to begin writing your assignment? Are you at a loss on where to start?

Writing an academic paper is not as difficult as it may appear if you follow the proper guidelines. Given that assignments make up a significant portion of your CIPD HR or L&D certification, here are five ideas to help you pass with ease:

When in doubt, make a plan.

To begin, be prepared! First, check the due date, the assessment criteria, and the assignment document twice or three times. Then, skim through your materials and readings, taking notes as you go, to create a mental map of what is expected. Keep in mind that you must plan your timeframes carefully to ensure that you have enough time to outline, research, draft, and submit your project.

Avoid self-limitation.

You’ve switched off all distractions and sat down with a good, hot cup of tea to begin your work finally, but you’re at a loss for ideas. Greetings, writer’s block!

Avoid being a perfectionist; jot down any ideas that occur to you. Once this is accomplished, your brain will begin subconsciously connecting the dots. The more you write, the more distinct your objective will become. The same concept holds for procrastination; it is natural for your brain to attempt to shift your attention away from something difficult or unpleasant. Once you’ve begun, it’s much easier to enter a state of flow.

Bring out your scholarly side

Academic papers are written differently from other types of publications. They are more formal and necessitate critical thinking to expand on pre-existing ideas. Therefore, it is essential to stick to peer-reviewed journals and other scholarly magazines when conducting research. Generally, blogs and other non-referenced sources are not appropriate. This means that you may have to go through numerous journal articles to uncover the final component of your masterpiece. Patience is critical here; make an effort to enjoy the learning process and absorb the stuff you’re reading, even if it’s not directly related to your task.

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Cover Every Aspect of the Assignment

When writing your CIPD assignment, ensure that you address each section. Otherwise, you risk not receiving all of the module’s marks. Otherwise, your ultimate grade will be affected. As such, double-check each part to verify it adheres to the rubric’s requirements. Consider utilizing sub-headings to ensure that each section is covered completely. Ascertain that each response addresses the pertinent questions. Ascertain that the text flows naturally from one paragraph to the next. Finally, maintain an intellectual tone throughout the work, avoiding colloquial words.

Editing and Proofreading

After you’ve completed your CIPD project, take a break before beginning the proofreading and editing process. You will identify even the tiniest errors in the project. First, verify the format and check it is correct. Next, check for and correct all spelling and sentence structure errors. Finally, assemble the document so that it flows smoothly and coherently.

Cite your sources as you write

Referencing and citing sources are critical components of creating an excellent assignment. Academic papers and articles lend credibility to your work and provide more information for your task. Even when you’re going through your rough notes, it’s always a good habit to cite your sources in-text and provide a reference list. The CIPD uses the Harvard referencing style; thus, becoming acquainted with it early will only help you save time in the later phases of your assignment.

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