HRMG 3305 – Recruitment and Selection Assignment Help

You are required to write a 10–12 page report on an organization and its approach and issues with respect to recruitment and selection of human resources. The project may involve you contacting a manager in an organization to arrange interviews or other research to access information relevant to the project. The organization should have at least 50 employees and have been established for at least two years. You can choose either your current employer or another organization.
You will need to find effective and credible research sources to understand and describe both the organization and its approach to recruitment and selection.
Statement of Intent and Planned Approach: A statement outlining the focus for your report is required by end of Week 6. You need to identify your organization of choice and why you chose this company.  Each student must report on a different company.

  • An integrated analysis project document/report that addresses the sections listed below. The paper must be submitted in .pdf format and must between 10-12 pages.


  • Submit electronically (upload) to via the “Term Project” folder.


Company Introduction
10 marks
Legal Issues: discuss the organization’s employment equity program and other good workplace equity practices you found. List any other approaches in relation to BFOR, accommodation, etc.
15 marks
Recruitment Strategy: what is theirs and describe it
15 marks
Attracting the right candidates: How does this organization ensure they attract the right candidates? Consider:
·         Job descriptions –  the role’s core duties, responsibilities and tasks
·         The education, skills, qualities and experience you’re looking for
·         Rewards packages – salary details, bonuses, company car, vacation entitlement, etc
·         How do candidates apply
·         Employer branding
·         And others
20 marks
Recruitment Methods: what are they and what does this organization use? Consider:
·         Walk ins
·         Online
·         Recruiting agencies
·         And others
15 marks
Applicant Screening, interviewing and testing: what methods does this organization use?
10 marks
Application of concepts and theories covered in the course material
15 marks
Total 100 marks

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