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“Deliverable 2 – Executive Summary Regarding Unionized Employees
Analyze organizational practices as they relate to union-related and labor relations laws.
You are the Chief HR Officer of a large network of hospitals. You were informed that the cafeteria workers at all of the hospitals in this network, who are currently not unionized, are preparing to take a vote next month on whether or not to unionize as a group. The CEO of the hospital network has asked you to brief him on what a “yes” vote by these employees to unionize would mean for the organization. The CEO of the hospital network has specifically asked you to prepare an executive summary describing how the organization would have to change to respond to a shift to unionized employees in the cafeterias.
Conduct research and prepare an executive summary for the CEO that:
Details the most likely reasons why employee groups consider unionizing.
Outlines the response choices open to hospital administration if the employees do unionize (work with unionized employees or outsource/contract the roles to a third-party provider) and rationale for each.
Highlights critical components of NLRA and LMRA that would guide the hospital administration’s response to a vote to unionize by these employees.
Provides recommendations on how to communicate and engage with union representatives.
Identifies potential risks to other employees, patients, or visitors inherent in negotiation breakdowns (i.e., picketing, strikes, & work stoppages).
Provides attribution for credible sources used in the executive summary.

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