human resources management

“Jason works at a call center for an insurance company called ABF, and he has been
answering calls regarding auto insurance. Recently, he started to attend a training program
about home insurance. Upon successful completion of this training program, Jason will be
able to handle home insurance questions and queries as well. Jason now will get in addition
to his base salary a medical insurance, vacations, day care assistance, and spot bonus. ABF
does not employ highly experienced and knowledgeable employees. It gives employee the
minimal required training only. However, it rewards employees for partially or completely
attaining a predetermined work objective.
ABF compensation managers or staff employees such as compensation generalists and HR
specialists use job evaluation to recognize differences in the relative worth of jobs and
attracting and retaining the most qualified employees based upon market and compensation
surveys. Another technique they use at ABF to recruit technicians is checking the market pay
and paying similar to their competitors in the market. All this is done by an HR specialist
who helps in finding the right candidate that fits within the company. However, line
employees are directly involved in producing goods and delivering services for a company.
Employees, customers, and suppliers are considered stakeholders because they have direct
interest within the company.
Kindly answer the following questions in relation to the study case above (50 pts)
1. Cash and equipment such as a buildings and machines are examples of which of the
A) non liquid assets
B) organizational structure
C) capital
D) liquid assets
2. Which of the following group is not a stakeholder within a company?
A) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
B) municipality
C) Staff employees
D) line managers
3. This group is directly involved in supporting the production of goods and operations in a
A) staff employees
B) line employees
C) managers
D) executives

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