ICO White Paper-Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Background information
You are an entrepreneur who is planning to do an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). To raise interest for your project and to inform future investors, you are planning to publish a white paper, a voluntary disclosure document similar in spirit to an IPO prospectus.
Given that regulators increasingly pay attention to the disclosure quality in ICOs to ensure investors are adequately informed, you want to be as transparent as possible about your project.
Required Task
In this long-answer essay, you are asked to write this white paper. The information that you use should be based on the material that we have covered during the semester. Try to be as detailed as possible to make sure that future investors have an accurate and comprehensive understanding of your project and its underlying blockchain.
While you are free to choose what to include in the white paper and how to report it (verbally and/or graphically), the following represents a minimum requirement list of points that must be discussed/addressed.
What is the name of your company/project and what does it do? What is unique about it? What consumer needs does your proposed blockchain satisfy that would entice financial consumers to buy the tokens?
Given your project/product description in 1), what type of token do you plan to issue?
What type of blockchain will it be based on?
Will it be based on the Bitcoin blockchain itself and if so, how is this accomplished? Or will it be a new blockchain?
How does it differ from the Bitcoin blockchain in technical aspects?
Who will be the miners and how will they be compensated?
List blockchains that work in a similar way to the one you plan to have. How does your project/blockchain differ from the existing ones?
Describe the advantages and disadvantages of your design of the blockchain.
In addition to the above minimum content requirements, describe, discuss, or explain other important issues about your project that you consider relevant for future investors to know about.
Formatting requirements of the prospectus
Maximum of 1,500 words.
Cite all sources and include a bibliography at the end of your prospectus. The bibliography does NOT count towards the word limit. To avoid plagiarism, it must become clear in your essay what your own thoughts are and which parts are taken from other sources.
Use 1.5 line spacing with an extra line between paragraphs and headings.
Use font size 12 and write in Times New Roman or similar.
Normal margins (2.5cm) must be used (top, bottom, left and right).

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