Identify your problem using the PICOT

1. Identify your problem using the PICOT:






2.  Next, write the PICOT in question format using the components identified above:

Part II: Literature Review

1. Perform a literature review search based on your PICOT question.

2. Complete the table based on your literature search with a minimum of 3 articles.

3. Articles must be current (published within 5 years).

PICO literature review criteria

Identify terms/topics/criteria from the PICOT That can be searched?

 What terms might you exclude from your search?

 What specific filters/criteria did you use for the articles selected (nursing specialty, patient population, publication year)?

Using the same three article complete the literature review matrix below:

Article Title

Theory, Framework, or Model used


Sample size/Number of subjects

Data Collection: Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed Methods

Ethical considerations/ Vulnerable populations

Part III Identify article type:

Discuss the relationship of the selected articles to your PICOT question.

Summarize the focus of each article.

How do the articles support or contradict your PICOT question?