ILS4176 Midterm Film Presentation Help

ILS4176 Midterm Film Presentation Guidelines


Because this is such a visual course, your mid-term exam will not be the traditional multiple choice and/or essay-question exam. Instead, each student will be responsible for creating and submitting an in-depth presentation with video commentary and a script of at least 750 words on one of the films listed on the midterm sign-up sheet.


  • Select one film from our term list and conduct a thorough analysis by doing the following: (You should have signed up for this in week 1).
  • Slide 1: Title and promotional poster from film/ Your name and class, including section (Ex:  Geraldine Wagner, ILS4176­_RES_31352).
  • Slides 2 and 3: Compare the athlete or athletes featured with the ideal athlete in Plato’s Republic. One slide for similarities/one for differences.
  • Slides 4 – 5: Consider the historical and/or cultural significance of your athlete’s life (even if they are a fictional character). How did their actions influence others? What values do they represent? If your film focuses on an athlete who is a tragic hero, consider the vices they also represent and how this might be a cautionary tale.
  • Slides 6 – 10: Examine 5 cinematic techniques, and how they help to effectively tell the story. Choose five specific moments in the film. Be sure to either screen shot, Google or take photos of these frames so that you can closely analyze the frame and the scene.
  • Slides 11 – 12: Examine the character or (characters) from a psychological perspective. What motivates them and why? What are their demons? Their biggest challenges? Their greatest loves or inspirations? Etc. (If you need more than two slides for this that’s fine and even encouraged).
  • Slides 13 – 15: Do some further research on an issue/topic that the film engages and discuss its relevance to today’s world. For instance, many popular films about athletes examine the need for greater equality and/or diversity in sports.
    • Find three articles (either peer reviewed academic or from a highly respected news source) that examine the issue of your choice.
    • On each of the three slides provide an annotated bibliographical entry:
      • A full MLA citation of the source (formatted correctly),
      • A summary of its argument stating the thesis and providing three supporting examples from the text,
      • A critical evaluation of the author and publication – (which will require a bit more research). 
  • Slide 16- 17: Compare this film and the athlete or athletes featured either with another film you have watched. Find at least three points of comparison and show these through images from both films that demonstrate their similarities and differences.
  • Slide 18: Evaluate the film from your own experience as a fan and/or amateur athlete, as well as someone studying sports film and literature.

Your Film Presentation will be graded based on these criteria:

  1. The presentation includes at least 18 slides all of which adhere to the above guidelines.
  2. Each slide includes visuals, such as screen shots and short clips from your film, and minimal text.
  3. Each slide includes video commentary that significantly elaborates on the talking points from your slides. The commentary should delve deeper and also, sometimes, go broader. It should not just reiterate what is on the slides. 
  4. Where required, slides include analysis of, and reference to, further research, according to the guidelines above.
  5. In addition to the presentation, you should create a script of at least 750 words. This script should have 18 numbered paragraphs that coincide with your slides. These paragraphs should elaborate on the minimal text in the slides and should act as a formal in-depth analysis of the topic of each slide. You should not simply read from this script when presenting.  You should extemporaneously present the information with this as your guide.
  6. DO NOT consult outside sources for this assignment – except for slides 13 through 15. Any use of outside sources for other slides will result in a zero grade. This will spare you from unintentionally plagiarizing and allow you to express only your own critical thoughts in response to the materials. Where you do consult these be sure to correctly cite them.
  7. The presentation and the script must be submitted together to the assignment by the required due date.
  8. Do not save your presentation as a PDF. If I cannot play your video, I cannot give you a passing grade.

Note: I recommend using KalturaCapture which is included in ulearn/Blackboard and uploads seamlessly to our course site. You MUST first make a PPT presentation without video and then you will add the video using Kaltura. I use it for all the videos I make in my courses and it has never given me a problem.

If you have never used Kaltura, please refer to the help guides linked on the JWU Student User Guides page (they are under Audio/Video), the Kaltura My Media section on your ulearn page, or go to Youtube where there are numerous tutorials on how to create a KalturaCapture presentation with video commentary.