Impacted by the implementation of the No Surprise Act Essay

Incorporate data, inferences, and reasoning to solve problems.

For this assignment, you will write a position paper in which you will choose and support one of the four healthcare policy issues below (Human Trafficking).  You should approach this assignment from the perspective of your specialty track (Nurse Practitioner)

You will use the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and World Health Organization (WHO) websites to guide you on planetary healthcare policies related to one of the topics below.

Human Trafficking

Your paper must include the following topics:

Introduction to healthcare policy as found at the ICN or WHO website

Describe your position on the planetary health topic chosen aligned to your specialty track

Explain the nurse’s social responsibility to three different stakeholders

Identify organizations that have a vest interested in the topic

Determine the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to planetary healthcare issue

Develop three implications the chosen healthcare policy holds for future nursing practice on a planetary scale

Conclusion that leaves stakeholders with key takeaways