Task Details/Description:

Your team has been hired to manage the supply chain for the Jacobs Industries. You will run two simulations, the first, managing operations in a single region, the second, managing the supply chain across five regions. You can make the following changes to the supply chain:
Supply chain game-1 (Calopeia region)
• Capacity additions to the factory.
• The finished goods inventory threshold that triggers production of a new batch in the factory.
• The factory’s production batch size.
• Whether batches are transported to the warehouse by mail or by truck.
Supply chain game-2 (Multiple region)
• Build new warehouses and factories – a supply network – in new regions according to demand patterns
• Decide on costs incurred and profit margins dependent on which region you expand to
• Add capacity to the existing factory.
• Change the level of the finished goods inventory threshold that triggers production of a new batch in the factory.
• Change the factory’s production batch size.
• Decide whether batches are transported to the warehouse by mail or by truck.
Each simulation will run continually at the rate of 104 simulated days per real day, or 1 simulated day about every 14 minutes. You will have control of the game from day 730 to day 1460, or 730 days total. The game will conclude 7 days and about half an hour after it started. During that time, you can access your supply chain any time of the day or night.
The winning team is the one with the highest cash position on day 1460.
• The individual report is worth 80% of your total mark for the whole BN3357 module.
• There are two parts for this assessment; rank or overall standing (in cash) in the game after simulation 2 run, and reflective report on the supply chain game
• KEEP a dairy of your supply chain plan and update it periodically.
• Remember to SAVE your data periodically and especially at the end of the simulation. You will need to use all these data in your report.

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

This method of assessment enables you to demonstrate achievement of Learning Outcomes (LOs):

1. Develop a sound understanding of the important role of supply chain management in today’s business environment
2. Understand and apply the current supply chain theories, practices and concepts using a problem-based approach
3. Demonstrate the use of effective written and oral communications, critical thinking, team building and presentation skills as applied to business problems

Presentation Requirements:

• You are required to produce a report about Simulation 2 (Multiple region) run after the simulation run is completed.
• You must work in teams throughout the simulation.
• The report should not exceed 2500 words (excluding references and appendix) with +/- 10% allowance. There is no leeway above 2500 words.
• Each team members may submit the same report EXCEPT the REFLECTION section of the report.
• Include a diary of the decisions taken for each simulation (as appendix). The diary can take any form you want, although it must include the (simulation) time at which the decision was taken, what the decision was, the intended outcome of making the decision and the actual outcome (or consequences) of taking the decision.
• Explain what your initial strategy was and whether you had to adjust this strategy during the running of the simulation.
• Use techniques and theories studied in class helped you to analyse and explain the scenario in the simulation and the decisions that you took (give references).
• Reflect on the actions taken and their effect on achieving the intended strategy.
• Reflect on how running the first simulation helped you (or not) to run the second simulation
• Reflect on how you would improve the decisions you made.
• Discuss the limitations of the simulation compared to what you have learned in lectures and tutorials. What things would you like to change? What did you like about it?