INF6012: Design Assessment (80% Weighting) – OPTION B ‘Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre’

Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre is an animal sanctuary and rescue / rehabilitation centre based in Eccleshall in Staffordshire. The owners have run the registered charity for many years now and have noticed an increasing number of visitors mention their web pages when asked how they had heard of the Centre’s activities. The owners want to be sure that their web pages are giving potential customers all of the information they need, but also that they can be easily discovered on the Web. They realise there is a great potential to expand their website in order to attract more visitors and raise awareness of their activities.
The owners realise there are issues with the site and want it to have a clearer message, they also want to attract tourists to the site from audiences that are local, national and international. They want to know what other similar charities are doing in the Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire area and worry that they might be ‘overlooked’ with visitors favouring more effective online designs. They are also very keen to make sure the site is accessible to all and is easily discoverable on search engines. There are four main areas they would like your team to address:
1) Many new customers say they do not easily discover the website from a search engine’s results pages (SERPs), they would like you to perform a ‘requirements analysis’ to discover ‘keywords’ to use in their website and make any other SEO (search Engine Optimisation) suggestions that might help them rank higher
2) The owners feel the site is cluttered and confusing; this may be down to the information hierarchy of the site. For example, they do not feel the message of the site is represented by its global navigation and that content (such as ‘how to find us’, ‘prices’ and ‘booking’ information) can sometimes be ‘hidden’ or ‘hard to find’
3) The current website looks and feels dated and poorly designed with significant reliance on a fixed layout (using ‘frames’) and a lack of ‘signposting’ and ‘consistency’. The site also acts as an important resource to those who need help to rescue and rehabilitate animals and offers a ‘hospital’ service – the owners wish this to be more prominent on the site.
4) The site owners mention that ‘Google Analytics’ information suggests that guests often visit the site from overseas (users appear to be mainly Chinese, French Canadian and Spanish) all current webpages are in English with few ‘Globalisation features’
The Owners of Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre would like you to design a ‘better’ website to address the issues mentioned above. To begin with the client would like to see (‘deliverables’):
1) A new, detailed mock-up design for the home page
2) A new overall design (‘template’ i.e. not a full design) for all pages in the website (not language or webpage specific)
3) An outline of a better ‘site map’ (or ‘information architecture’) – this should be informed by a brief user requirements analysis of the site
4) An example of two other pages within the website not in English – and having different content – you may wish to think about ‘navigation for internationalisation’ throughout the site
5) A brief SEO analysis and recommendations for a ‘white-hat’ (i.e. ‘keywords’, effective use of ‘HTML’ such as headings and semantic tags, and ‘Accessibility’) strategy for the owner to implement
Using the knowledge and skills gained in INF6012 (from ‘requirements analysis’ to ‘website evaluation’) design this charity a better website. Please create mock-ups (or prototypes) of your design to show how the redesign would change the appearance and layout, these can be hand drawn, use mock-up software (such as Framer, Balsamiq or Moqups – see useful prototyping blog here). These mock-ups do not need to be detailed, but representative of how the changes you wish to make will impact the design of the site.
Individual Task – Design Report (100 marks) – Submitted via TurnItin (BlackBoard) – by 10AM on Monday the 25th January 2021 – Maximum 2500 words
Your ‘deliverables’ should have been informed by what you have learnt in INF6012. As a Microsoft Word document; identify, explain and justify the design features of your new website design.
More generally:
1) The ‘deliverables’- please ensure you justify any changes you make by explaining what has changed and supporting this with recognised theory (please evidence what you say).
2) Add detailed labels to the designs to identify, explain and support/justify your design decisions (from ‘requirements analysis’ to ‘website evaluation’) – when justifying your decisions, you need to explain ‘why’ the design decision was made according to the theory you have learned – do not simply ‘describe’ the change.
3) Note that this will not be a standard essay submission, a report style is expected (including annotated – i.e. cited explanations of your choices with arrows pointing to the specific area you are discussing on screenshots) – to demonstrate changes – please remember that the word limit is 2500 and this includes the annotations!
4) Try to attribute any design decisions to an authoritative source using an accurate reference. Do not reference lecture or laboratory slides/presentations.
5) At some point, you will cover most INF6012 lecture strand topics
Important notes
a) Your individual task should be submitted as a PDF file (‘save as’ from the ‘file menu’ and ‘PDF’ from the ‘file type’) to INF6012 BlackBoard Turnitin before 10:00AM on Monday the 25th January 2021. If you are late, your submission will incur late penalties as described at:
b) Work submitted through Turnitin should be reviewed to ensure it appears as you intended.
c) Before the submission deadline, you can submit coursework to Turnitin numerous times. Each submission will overwrite the previous submission. Only your most recent submission will be assessed. However, after the submission deadline, the coursework can only be submitted once.
Marking Scheme
• The design and user experience of using the site
o User centred design process (15 marks) o Information architecture – design (10 marks) o Content creation (10 marks)
• Use of Accessibility features, HTML and CSS code within the site (checked in the correct validators) o Analysis of HTML (10 marks) o Analysis of CSS (10 marks)
• SEO features that are present within the site o Information architecture – SEO (10 marks) o Visual design – SEO considerations (10 marks)
• Satisfying requirements (15 marks)
• Presentation and choice of deliverables (10 marks)
To achieve good marks, students must identify, explain and justify any design decisions . In particular, markers are looking for evidence that students have understood and can apply what they have learnt in INF6012.

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