Influenced Changed Bilingual Powerpoint

“Your principal has charged you with providing a workshop on the history of bilingual education to inform faculty how legislative policy has a significant impact on the instructional programs we find in our schools. 
For this assignment, you will examine and share with your fellow colleagues at least 10 events that have influenced and even changed bilingual education. Reread the section in Chapter 5 of your textbook entitledA Historical Perspective. Also review the following website that provides a great overview of some of the most influential pieces of legislation regarding bilingual education in the United States:
Legislation related to bilingual education (Links to an external site.) 
Create a 12-15 slide PPT presentation (does not include slides for title and references) for your workshop to show how bilingual education has changed. You must either use the notes section on each slide in your PPT to provide a transcript of what you will say about each slide OR use an audio tool such as Knovio, Jing or Screenr to actually record your PPT presentation. Your workshop presentation must include following:
A title slide that includes the name of your workshop, your name, the course number, the date, and your instructors name.
At least 10 events with at least three policies and three law cases. They should be presented in chronological order.
A visual and a caption describing its significance in your own words for each event. 
List the event on the slide
Include a visual that best represents the event on the slide
Describe in your OWN words what the event was about and WHY it was significant for bilingual education. Comment on how the event impacted bilingual education by examining its negative or positive consequence on bilingual education; how did it influence the educational programs designed for ELLs?
Explain the goals of the CCSS and how are English learners included in this initiative? How must ELLs be better supported to achieve these standards? Provide at least two ways they must be supported. Here is an additional link to support your understanding of the CCSS and what it means for ELLs:
Overview of the Common Core State Standards Initiatives for ELLs (Links to an external site.) 
In your final slide, describe in 3-5 sentences what had the most impact on your understanding regarding the history of bilingual education.  What did you find surprising and why?
A separate slide for your references formatted in APA format. You must utilize the text and at least on scholarly source to support your presentation. Be sure that your in-text citations and references reflect APA formatting. Use this link from Ashfords Writing Center to support you:

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