INFS2605 Intermediate Business Programming

Assessment Questions
The following are the three questions required to be answered for the Mid Term Assessment.
1. The original developer of the Lockdown Companion codebase rushed their development process and did not test their code. Find 5 errors in the Java codebase for the Lockdown Companion Application, determine the fix for these errors, and present your fixes for the coding errors. The errors may be syntactical or logical errors. Use visual aids to help explain why your changes will fix the coding mistakes made by the original developer. (5 marks)
2. Design User Interfaces for the following Lockdown Companion App screens: the User
Customisation screen, and Tour Recommendations screen. Through the User
Customisation screen, the user of the application can customise their experience of the application. For example, they can specify which countries or continents they would like to visit next, change their visual and audio settings for the application, and customise reminders and notifications of tours coming up. Through the Tour Recommendations screen, the user can see upcoming tours recommended to them by the application, and view a quick summary of the tours (including how much time is left until the tour, how long the tour is, and who is organising or created the tour). You may add your own creative ideas and functionality you think may be appropriate to these screens. Create your user interfaces in a similar fashion to your Week 3 In-Tute exercise, and present your designs in your video recording. Explain your use of Nielsen’s 10 Design Heuristics in the User Interfaces you have designed. (10 marks)
3. Without writing out the code for the UIs mentioned, design and describe the new classes required to support the “Tour Recommendations” feature of the application, including the methods and variables required by them. Your answer should take into account the MVC framework, including classes required for Models and classes required for Controllers. Think about what data is required to be stored by the Application, and how the user would interact with the application. In your video, you should present (e.g. via a class diagram) the classes and their methods and variables required to support the functionality. (5 marks)
It is recommended to use visual aids to support your recordings as you answer these questions. For example, use PowerPoint slides to show your fixes for the errors from question 1, present your UI designs for question 2, and use a Java Class diagram to show the classes (including methods and variables) you designed for question 3.

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