INFS2605 Intermediate Business Programming

(1) Mid Term Assessment Overview
The INFS2605 Mid Term Assessment is worth 20% of your overall INFS2605 mark. The assessment involves creating a video recording of the student’s screen and voice to answer questions and analyse a small Java program. The student must submit their recording in MP4 format (and any other visual aids used) via OneDrive by the submission date.
The Mid Term Assessment tests the student’s understanding of the first four weeks of content in INFS2605. This document outlines three questions which students are required to answer for this assessment. All questions are based around a fictional and incomplete Java application named Lockdown Companion, created for the purpose of this assessment.

As included in the INFS2605 Field Manual, the topics covered in the first four weeks and tested in this assessment include:
– INFS1609 Revision
– Data structures
– Database Connections
– Object-Relational Mapping
– Introduction to UX
– UI Elements
– Introduction to JavaFX
As per the INFS2605 Course Outline, the following Course Learning Outcomes will be tested in this Mid Term Assessment:
– Interpret, review and share software code
– Design, write and evaluate programming solutions for small to medium scale problems
– Explain and apply MVC architecture in developing programming solutions
For questions on the Mid Term Assessment, consult the FAQ section of this document. If you have a question that is not answered in this section, contact your lecturer by email ( or via MS Teams.
(2) Scenario and Code
All questions in the Mid Term Assessment will be based off a fictional and incomplete Java application named Lockdown Companion.
Do you miss travelling? Or do you simply yearn to see the world, but have been locked down due to external factors out of your control? Then the Lockdown Companion is the perfect application for you! The Lockdown Companion application offers virtual guided tours for anyone from the comfort of their own home. Whether it’s a guided tour of The Louvre in France, a boat ride through the canals of Venice, or a virtually tiresome trek through the trails of Machu Picchu, the Lockdown Companion app can provide you the experiences of a lifetime without you leaving your home!
The lockdown companion application will eventually be able to show you 3D virtual reality representations of your favourite places around the world, and be able to recommend virtual trips to you based off your previous virtual travels. Tours can either be Live with a tour guide showing you around, or be pre-recorded sessions that you can view at any time at your leisure.
The Lockdown Companion application is a Java based application with a SQLite database that stores user data and data on the virtual tours available on the platform. As a software and UX Design expert, you are asked to analyse the codebase and design part of the UI of the Lockdown Companion application. You are asked to provide your response to the questions in the form of a screen and audio recording.
The original developer of the partially-built Lockdown Companion application has provided the following Java files for your review (note that .fxml files and are not included). The files can be grouped into Controller and Model classes, and include an extra DatabaseManager class for help with running SQL queries:
Controller Classes
Model Classes
Database Helper

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