In “Integrative Project 1,” you worked on a number of topics some of which are included below.


  • Healthcare Processes and Documenting Healthcare Processes
  • Healthcare IT Projects such as EHR Implementation Projects: Feasibility Analysis & Economic Analysis (ROI, NPV, Breakeven point)
  • RFP (Request for Proposals) for Healthcare IT projects
  • Key components of RFP
  • Comparing vendor proposals received in response to RFPs
  • Key elements of a vendor contract
  • Information Governance Principles
  • HIPAA Rules: Privacy, Security, Breach Notification Rules
  • HIPAA Compliance Plan
  • HIPAA Incidents: Processes to respond to incidents
  • Information Interoperability
  • Health information Exchanges
  • e-Discovery

Among these topics, select the top three topics that are most relevant to your current organization and how you might apply these concepts to your current organization. If you are not currently working (or if there is not much relevance to your current organization), please feel free to discuss how you might apply three topics that are of interest to you to a future healthcare organization where you might work.


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