intergovernmental relations as it relates to emergency management and preparedness

Why do you think it is important to possess a strong working knowledge intergovernmental relations as it relates to emergency management and preparedness? Integrate a recent SPECIFIC example of intergovernmental relations and emergency management and preparedness.
Use at least 2 references, do not use wikipedia.
Importance of Strong Knowledge in Intergovernmental Relations
The worlds we are living in consist of various groups of people with different beliefs thus being the high degree of diversity globally. Having a strong knowledge of intergovernmental relations is a core aspect of dealing with emergencies. Intergovernmental relations are the interacting networks of organizations both at national and local levels. They are enabled to ensure there is unity among various levels of governments thus having a good arrangement of institutions. It is necessary to have a better understanding of the processes and patterns by which various levels of governments interact with each other. Such skills improve one`s ability to understand the institutions, their effects, and their roles. Emergency response requires a better understanding of the nature of governments being impacted by the calamity. It is necessary to be aware of the nature of politics being applied in the various governments.
All the levels of government have unique functions that are required to fulfill under the law of specific land. Understanding the different roles enables an individual to know the nature of the emergency that each government plays. One is aware of where to report or seek any assistance that may be required. Each government has resources that are allocated under various dockets including the health sector thus having unique roles to play during an emergency. Having knowledge of intergovernmental relations enables one to know where more investment should be done in the community (Kapucu et al., 2010). More investment enhances an effective collaboration between different levels of government thus a high level of preparedness and management of the calamities. Public health requires more resources to enhance the recovery process during a disaster. This ensures an effective health program for the affected persons.
Specific Example of Intergovernmental Relations
The flood in Colorado is an example of intergovernmental relations in regards to emergency preparedness and management (Crow & Albright 2019). There were a series of disasters that occurred in the US in the state of Colorado. The heavy rain and flooding along the state led to a loss of more than $ 1 billion. People lost their lives due to the heavy waters that swept them away. Most were left homeless after the disaster. This called for an urgent intervention of the government to cater to the needs of the affected people. The disaster saw both the local and state governments learning during the disaster. When most disasters occur the response is mostly led by the local governments. Decisions of whether to reconstruct the affected areas are also made by the local leadership.
During the Colorado floods, other higher governmental authorities instituted their own recovery processes on top of the efforts by the local governments. Due to a greater engagement of various levels of governments in handling the disaster, there was an increase in funds and expertise which resulted in a higher level of learning. Learning in the local governments in Colorado was enhanced by the adequate flow of resources from the state government and more collaboration in the intergovernmental relations. State governments have the capability of improving disaster recovery processes. The floods portrayed the usefulness of the lessons to other systems of governance.
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